Tourism in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai or New Bombay is not only one of the best-planned cities in India, but it is also best known for the tourist spots that it has. People from all over India flock to Navi Mumbai to visit these places, and Navi Mumbai also sees a fair amount of foreign tourists as well. It is situated off the western coast of Maharashtra. Navi Mumbai is also well-known for displaying the urbanization process in India. The development of Navi Mumbai over the past five years has been tremendous. Navi Mumbai progressed very fast, and now it is comprised of shopping malls, multiplex theatres, restaurants, and much more entertainment sources for both the residents of Navi Mumbai and the tourists. Navi Mumbai is considered to be among the most attractive cities of India. There are many mesmerizing locations that one can visit, and this includes Nerul, Vashi, and Belapur. It is an amazing holiday destination for the tourists as it offers them with many exciting and dazzling views like Kharghar, the Raintree Marg, Central Park, and much more. Navi Mumbai is also referred to as Mumbai’s twin because the city was designed in order to decongest the city of Mumbai. Navi Mumbai offers its citizens with a number of classy and elegant restaurants and beautiful hotels which make them feel at home.

Places to Visit in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai offers the tourists many enthralling sights. One can stay in the hotels of Navi Mumbai. The hotel staffs are amicable, and the food offered by the restaurants are also delicious.

Pandavkada Falls

Waterfalls in Navi Mumbai

The Pandavkada Falls is located in Navi Mumbai, and if you are in this city, there is no way you can miss this captivating waterfall. The height of the waterfall is around 107 m. The water comes down with a huge force, and it gives a vision of piercing the rock on which the water is falling. According to the legends, the Pandavas bathed in these waterfalls when they were sent to exile. The waterfall derives its name from this legend. This place is perfect for a picnic. Tourists are suggested to visit the Pandavkada Falls either during the rainy season or after the rainy season.

Central Park

Central Park is considered to be the perfect spot for relaxing, jogging or just enjoying the beauty that Nature has in store. The Central Park is basically a botanical garden, and it is known to have a variety of trees. Some trees are even known to have medicinal value. The Central Park is spread across almost eighty hectares. The vegetation here is so rich that it gives the tourists a break and also helps in soothing the senses.


Nerul is also known as the Queen of the city of Navi Mumbai. Nerul is not only the residential center of Navi Mumbai, but it is also the commercial center. Nerul is mostly famous for the hillocks. For the food lovers’, Nerul has a number of restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlors, cake shops, pizza shops, etc. The tourists have the choices to eat their favorite food here, and they can also watch the beauty of nature side by side. Nerul is the largest node of Navi Mumbai, and it also has the maximum population. No tourist can afford to miss visiting Nerul when they are in Navi Mumbai. There are many other sites like Adi Sankara Mandapam, Ayyapa Mandir, and the Little Flower Church.

Antop Hill

A small hill, located on the eastern side of Harbour Railway Line, between the Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar Station and the Wadala station, is the Antop Hill. The Antop Hill is famous for the housing colony of the employees of the Central Government. It was started in the year 1950 in order to serve the employees who worked in the income tax department, sales tax department, customs or other departments of the Central Government.

Belapur Fort

Places to visit in Navi Mumbai

Belapur Fort is located near the Belapur town of Navi Mumbai. This fort was built by the Janjira Siddis. Later, the Portuguese conquered the Fort and then the Marathas conquered it. The Fort was again captured by the British when they invaded India. The Belapur Fort is a very popular tourist attraction, especially for the people who love history. You should not miss visiting the Belapur Fort if you are in Navi Mumbai.

DY Patil Stadium

The DY Patil Stadium is an international cricket stadium which is located in Nerul in the city of Navi Mumbai. This stadium houses all the amenities that an international cricket ground should have. This ground was designed by one of the leading architects of India known as Hafeez. The stadium hosts the matches IPL T-20. It is also the home ground of the Mumbai Football Team for the Indian Super League. This is one of the most important tourist attractions in Navi Mumbai, and it is a must visit place for them.

The Jawaharlal Nehru Port

The Jawaharlal Nehru Port is known to border the great Arabian Sea. This port is located in Navi Mumbai, and it got its name from Jawaharlal Nehru, who was India’s first Prime Minister. The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust runs this port. This organization handles all operations of shipping and the shipping port.

Nerul Balaji Temple

Temples in Navi Mumbai

The Nerul Balaji Temple is located on a hillock on the western side of the railway station of Nerul. Lord Balaji is the main deity worshipped here. Other than this, Lord Ganpati, Lord Anjaneyar in the seated posture, Padmavathy Thayar, and Narasimha are worshipped here. The temple is famous for the Rajagopuram which has a height of approximately 60m. The temples are also known to maintain chappal stands or areas for keeping the shoes. A garden is maintained on the opposite side of the temples, and there are many trees. Two flights of stairs are there on either side of the hillock. Tourists flock to this temple to receive the blessings of the Gods.

 Nhava Sheva

Nhava Sheva, located in Navi Mumbai, is the country’s largest port. It handles around fifty percent of the traffic on the port. The goods that are exported include shirts, t-shirts, carpets, sports goods, textile articles, medicines, meat, etc. The most important goods imported include machinery, chemicals, plastics, vegetable oils, electrical machinery, aluminium, etc. The tourists love visiting the largest Indian port, and it is a great tourist site as well.

Palm Beach

The Palm Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located in Navi Mumbai. The Palm Beach Marg connects to the satellite city of Mumbai. This place is one of the most beautiful tourist destination as it helps one to connect with Nature personally.

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Temple

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Temple is known as the holiest temple of Navi Mumbai. Gajanan Maharaj was known to spend almost all of his life in Shegaon, which is located near the Akola district of Maharashtra. It is said that Gajanan Maharaj took his Samadhi here. This place is also a must visit for the tourists of Navi Mumbai.
St. Joseph Church, Wadala

St. Joseph Church or Our Lady of Dolours Church is located on D.S Baretto Road, in between the Wadala station and Five Gardens. This church is a part of the St. Joseph’s High School. This place is a major attraction mostly during the season of Christmas. Tourists love to visit this place and it is also a must visit for everyone coming to Navi Mumbai.

The Utsav Chowk

The Utsav Chowk is located in one of the nodes of Navi Mumbai, Kharghar. Built in the Greek-Roman style, it is one of the most important landmarks of Kharghar. Kharghar is loved by the tourists as it is very close to nature. There is a fountain in this area and it is perfect for the evening strolls. The Utsav Chowk falls in the list of the must visit places of Navi Mumbai.

The Vashi Bridge

Vashi is a well-planned node of Navi Mumbai. This city has many captivating shopping malls and buildings. The Vashi Bridge is also known as the Thane Creek Bridge. It connects Navi Mumbai to the mainland of Bombay. The bridge has a length of 1837 m, and it has three lanes for the vehicles to travel. There are four entry points of Mumbai, and the Vashi Bridge is among one of them. This bridge is also a major tourist attraction.


Wadala is another must visit place for every tourist of Navi Mumbai. Wadala houses a number of attractions that include the Don Bosco Church, the Saint Dominic Savio Church, the Ram Mandir, the Vitthal Mandir, the Hanuman Mandir, Nageshwar Mandir, the Rocket Garden, the Mangrove Garden, the Bhakti Park, the Shaikh Mistry Dargah, the Barkat Ali Dargah and the Salt Pan. These are the major tourist sight-seeing places. Wadala also has many eating spots and food joints. The food lovers can enjoy any cuisine that they want to.

Navi Mumbai has many places that the tourists can visit. This city is pollution free, and this is the prime reason as to why tourists are attracted here.
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